Friday, March 9, 2012

Bring on the bubbly Newsletter – the best bet to boost your Brand!!

You kept the Newsletter on the back-burner for quite a long time –and, you are still vacillating if to take it up or not. Isn’t it? Yes, we always do it, and it’s quite natural. Because we have several doubts that cloud our mind before we take up something. I’m with you on this!

We wonder if we could be able to continue produce it regularly. Primarily because we don’t get good writers to do it and, the cost involved would scare our wits off. Relax … help is at hand, if you vouch for a Newsletter, for your loving baby – your company or organisation. I would like to assure you that we have a good team of guys – freaky designers - who would do you good layouts and, I will take care of the writing and interacting with people in the company, in order to write informal kick-butt copy to make it much more readable and appreciated. I have about 15 yrs of writing experience out of which more than a decade in advertising agencies as a copywriter.

Call it coincidence or divine intervention I fell in love with Newsletters as I’m the editor for a Newsletter by name – Shine – for Cambridge Group of Institutions, Bangalore (the name given by me), which is well appreciated. While writing it, I had to get in touch with many people to understand their psyches and try to see their passion. I’m amazed at the way people pride about their organization’s Newsletter and talk about it. Don’t take my word for it, try and see some newsletters on your desk or at your friends’ office and, take a look at the colourful pages, and you will know why.

Moreover, Newsletter, the medium, gives us the scope to talk in detail about all the things that matter to the stakeholders – your employees and customers and patrons alike. Each issue would make you much more invigorated and excited and, you and the employees feel much more empowered. Your collective enthusiasm and passion win people to your organization, reflected in the writing. The Newsletter is, in a way, a mouth-piece of the organization and a bridge you build to the outside world.

The visitors who come to visit us would naturally are curious looking at the pictures and catchy headlines and captions. Oh…it’s a different feeling altogether to see their excitement. Not many would take this onerous task of publishing a Newsletter. Only leaders can do it with a vision into the future.