Saturday, August 16, 2008

My heartfelt apologies to all of you who’ve visited my blog! I’m kinda stuck in a sticky situation of PC breakdown and desperately trying to reconnect the net-connection that gone bonkers …including me! Ha….ha…ha

I knew if I do what interests me most, money will follow

I guess you’re under the impression that I made my riches! Not yet, but a great satisfaction that my work earns the respect of clients and a good money comes in, albeit rarely. You know we need the contacts to branch out on our own. Which I woefully lack in the industry circuits as I had worked with agencies with relatively no luxury of huge cleient portfolio.

They say, patience pays, may be

I often wonder that how long I should wait for my day in getting across good clients after started freelancing. Coupled with these depressing thoughts I feel the hurdles that seem to never stop –by way of some unimaginable and quirky setbacks like: not finding a good soul who can repair my PC in my vicinity ( all attempts to get it done are in vain), lack of internet connectivity and things like that.

Before you realize what’s wrong, you loose your muse and struggle to write and find your voice. Huh… its one helluva depressing trip. Wait….this helped me to come out with gush of emotion finding how practically we can overcome them and cherish the experiences.

And again, I begin to see things inside out: if I never face these problems and undergo these turbulent situations, I’ll never grow as a human being. And without growing as a human being (I have grown strong with each problem), I’ll never be a good writer, who can contribute in whatever way I can.

You need constant source of support

I feel in matters of adversity, it’s natural to wish someone help you outright. But even if you can’t be anything, you’re called to be his friend and lend a helping hand. Here, I wanted to place my deepest gratitude to my dear friend and mentor Ms. Vivienne Queck to be my support and guidance through these turbulent times. I can understand how I should’ve upset my good friend Bokjae who designed this wonderful blog for me! Hope it makes a lot of difference to let your friend know that he or she can overcome it. Thanks a lot!

Confidence is the key

Confidence is one elusive thing. It comes to you when you feel strong with everything goes hunky dory; suddenly disappears when anything is amiss. I felt I got to catch it with all my strength that it never ditches me when I’m down.

Once again, I thank my wife and friends – Vivienne, Bokjae for their constant support.

I believe I’ve chosen what interests me most. I’m hopeful I’ll make it one day to the top!

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Kate said...

I'm glad that you didn't allow those obstacles get in your way and that you still persisted.

I have felt these times as well and we just have to remember to hold on.