Monday, February 9, 2009

Take it out of the inner recesses of your mind – the idea, that is

This post is an extension of the thought initiated by Vivienne Queck of in the post – Farmer and hunter during economic winter

Past many months, if there is one word that is over used, printed or discussed: it is recession. A cousin of mine who is in software industry brings home many stories of his colleagues who lost their jobs due to downsizing and adds that some of them got recently married not expecting this impeding danger. I’m also severely underpaid by clients who get work done giving the same excuses. I too get many rejections when I quote a reasonable price; and I believe every other professional too faces a similar situation.

Though we can’t change the situation that is prevailing, I believe, we can change the way we think. I feel it’s a chance for all of us to learn many lessons: First, the need to save for the unforeseen; second, to get used to the lean phase and become strong mentally, and use this opportunity to see what other things we are good at. J

Mellow down the pleasure seeker

In times of prosperity and flowing wealth it’s natural to lose sight of the future and its sudden surprises. We overlook and indulge in many unnecessary expenditures – would have purchased a bigger car, instead of smaller one; could’ve joined in our children in a high-end schools rather than settling for a realistic one; must have taken way too many vocations and long ones; let our impulse run riot while shopping… than our mind.

This wisdom would never strike us if this lean phase hadn’t occurred and we would be for ever dreaming that every thing is hunky dory for ever and ever. Nothing is permanent; neither this menacing recession. Economy, like life, I believe, goes in perfect circles. It has to come back to normalcy; so is our insanity, for sure.

The farmer becomes a grocer, part- time trader …

The farmer will learn lessons of frugal and intelligent living; and see this opportunity to go for hunting, or go rear some cattle/goats to feed him with some milk/meat and sell to others (other business opportunities). Even most of the people who lost their jobs need to see what to take up otherwise: doing some odd jobs which are their hobbies – it is not so easy, though; but worth trying –who knows they may find lot of fulfillment in those professions and make a great career in that.

Recently, I saw in CNN, an advertising agency CEO becoming a steward in a restaurant and he said that the job of cleaning the place tidy gives him a lot of satisfaction than sitting in a cozy office; he said he wouldn’t leave this job even if he becomes a CEO again. Frankly I wanted to try one like him in my free time to work in another field…may be a steward… to get some insights and some extra bucksJ.

Finally, every difficult situation comes for our good. We know that nothing lasts for ever; what lasts is the experience to explore more on things which were otherwise thought impossible; and strengthens us as great warriors of life. Time to stand up and kick start anew!? Check out the post with other interesting posts on the same topic!>


santoshi said...

very interesting and inspirational post.

Solomon said...

Hi Santhoshi,
Thanks for your visit! And thanks for the compliment!

Vivienne Quek said...

Thanks for picking up the blog tag. I especially like this line you wrote: "Though we can’t change the situation that is prevailing, I believe, we can change the way we think."