Saturday, March 14, 2009

How copy can sound confident, effusive and flamboyant?

It might cost us our job, if we’re unlucky to have a hotheaded boss, and if we’re to ask for some time to write the copy (I lost one job recently…seriously!). You’re certainly at a disadvantageous position if you say you need time to do a good job, especially with some clients who want everything in a jiffy. On the top of it, the sniggers of your own colleagues - our boisterous art director friends who look to annoy the copywriters for their intellectual airs (very few come into this category, it depends on your luck factor).

And above and all, your reputation that’s tagged along with that job pulls you back cracking the copy.

It’s often debilitating to write copy that is really compelling. Perhaps the reason why copywriters – the established and renowned are respected so much; and are celebrities, in their own right! However, these techniques helped me get the flair and confidence to the fore each time I go through the process.

Know the target group

Knowing your target group is the first step to style the tone of copy. Each group has different mindsets: Students and young adults believe in fairy fantasy; Young professionals want a bit of hype and exaggeration; and mid and higher-level pros would need bare and crude information but nothing else, with some gyan thrown if possible.

Work up a tempo

We need to research on the competitors’ product and their features and the feedback of the product by the customers. At last, the final straw would be the first hand experience of the product and its specialty through some interviews. It differs from the young girls who go by their peer endorsements than their individual opinions to the older women who bank on facts and testimonials from the ones they believe and bond with.

Conviction speaks louder

Finally my conviction of the product benefits vis a vis the competition and my knowledge about the entire niche of the product category makes me more confident to talk about it without any fear and/or hesitation. The above said observations and the wide research we do on the particular target group and on the product in the internet (through research) make you imitate their tone with confidence.

The unflappable spirit

The way to the heart to any customer is through untamed spirit: straight uninhibited talk. There is absolutely no one who isn’t besotted by the infectious energy of the tone. Having the confidence that the product is way ahead of its competition (has some inherent benefits in one angle) and also with the familiarity of the person (TG) we can go ahead crafting the copy with so much nonchalance. That’s what fetches the readers’ attention. And care should be taken not to over do it, though.

We may face a stiff resistance from clients to force us to do a quick job. But that’ll be a great emotional and physical drain to do the job. Of late, I resist such temptations and stand my ground.

What are your experiences writing copy and facing some flak from the uninitiated clients and folks? I’d love to hear from you!


Vivienne Quek said...

There are 2 kinds of clients: Type 1 is the type who listens and accepts good advice. Type 2 is the type that wants you to follow his way and no other way. When faced with Type 2, the agency or independent copywriter will have to make a tough choice of sacking the client or making a quick cash and forget about the job.

Solomon said...

That's quite appropriate thing we should do. At least we can keep the client with us.