Monday, April 6, 2009


There was a deep silence after the client finished his speech explaining about his company and about their expertise. He was bombard with some questions that reminded me for a moment, if he was here as a criminal to be mercilessly pounded with irresponsible and often needless questions about his company and about its marketing and branding. I was reminded of an interrogation of an offender by the police personnel.

What happened afterwards, when the agency’s turn to give its presentation, was even more tormenting to the poor criminal (the marketing manager). It was as if he was being punished for having come there alone. He had to listen to the hush hush ramblings in his ear by a senior manager in the agency sitting next to him; while the rest of us are yawning and some are talking to the others in the regal seminar hall, while the person was trying to figure out what he was being told in his ears.

Probably, he would be thinking how fast this ordeal will be over, and how fast he can be relieved of listening to the earful of ramblings of the agency head, while the others in the room are having a gala time. You got the picture?

As this hard-to-witness-show was happening, I was lost in many thoughts: How would the client would feel now? In what light the agency was being portrayed in the eyes of the client?

Can you make any guess on - what would be going on in his mind?

What would you do If you’re in the clients’ position; and what would be your reaction?

Or if you’re in the agency what would you do, and how would you handle the situation?

I felt it was a very good opportunity that was missed by the agency to impress the client. And more so, it was a very good opportunity to encourage and exhort the people present – the visiualizers, art directors, the client servicing folks and everyone present in the conference hall.

The agency head would’ve taken the charge of anchoring the show with a generous dose of humor and witty comments (making it informal and lively), which is very important. He would do a world of good if he/she stands up and addresses the entire gathering including the client. The agency head would’ve thought that since the client was the only stranger there, he would better sit next to him and explain him about the agency by showing some creative kit.

But, my question is what’s wrong if the agency head stands up and speaks to the client about the company’s credentials, vision, and mission so proudly to all, including his colleagues. It’s nothing wrong if he/she reiterates the companies’ vision, mission and philosophy once again to all.

You may ask me: How does it matter, except the client every one else was from the agency and how should it make a difference…..etc, etc? I say each meeting is a chance to renew our vows:

  • Reiterating your vision, dreams and philosophy of the company from a podium shows that you’re a real professional and go-getter who has the drive to live your dreams.
  • This brave gesture of speaking with conviction, assures the client (the person with us) that we are really serious and makes him or her moved at our passion and the deep commitment.
  • The folks in the organization too get really jolted at the powerfully-crafted vision and mission and the philosophy being once again heard at a poignant occasion like this.  Shattering any doubts with the agency’s prowess to chart its dreams. And it would give them an occasion to look inside -what is their true contribution in attaining the dreams.
  • Every speech if done properly would certainly move the people. People are more emotionally driven. Words with conviction move them and melt them. The luncheon/dinner is forgotten by the end of the day, but the words ring in their ears very long.
  • Even the client is also a human being, besides being a hard core businessman, will sure leave the place a lot more determined to excel in his career (that’s a huge benefit which prompts him or her to remember us for long). He/she too will feel that his/her time spent there is worthwhile and rightly rewarded.

 The Lesson to learn is: Never shy away to speak to people what your vision, mission, and dreams are. There are different words (we’re blessed with) to interpret life and business’ goals and dreams in many different ways. By saying them once again we are growing inwardly and we’re inadvertently gaining some extra gumption and power to make a difference in our lives. And in others. 

 What are your experiences, can you share them? Do you believe that you’ve something to speak to the world when the opportunity arises? Or, you shy away from it?


Judy Dunn said...


You have given us a lot to think about. I think what you are talking about here is simply connecting with people—in a human way.

One of your sentences stands out: "People are emotionally driven."

The more we share of our real selves, the more our clients, our prospects and our colleagues will respond.

Personally, I use humor a lot, because it is one of my core values and because most people love to laugh.

Solomon said...


Thanks for your visit!

I remember every word that inspired me, every lively and friendly (humor as you said) moment in my life till date.

Your blog too holds mirror to some very interesting aspects of business (writing, branding) and life. I really enjoyed reading it!

Keep visiting this blog and keep inspiring us!


Vivienne Quek said...

We sometimes use their brains too much. It's the heart that connects with people. Between emotion and logic, the former almost always win. That's why advertising copy is written to tug the heart and not the brain.

Solomon said...

Hi Vivienne,
Thank you for the comment!
Sure, what you said is true. Emotion plays a bigger role.
We need to use our words both written and spoken to connect to.
Keep visiting this blog and encourage us!

Tess said...

I used to work as a professional speaker. I never shy away from expressing myself.

It's all about connecting your heart with your audience.

The more stories one uses the more likely that is to happen.

I had 4 children all girls. They gave me stories for a life time and continue to do so.

Solomon said...

Hi Tess!
Let me thank you sincerely for visiting this blog. I'm honoured by your and all others' presence in this blog. I can't ask for more!

I genuinely feel that you have lot to give to the world by your experiences nurturing 4 young girls. I learnt so much from my son; rather than teaching him.

Your blog is a great source of knowledge to learn from. It's quite natural you're never short of stories to tell from your experiences.
Thanks for your visit, and lookforward to your inspiring words here more!