Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PROFILE – how to write one that interests the reader

I was asked to write a profile of a company of interior decoration and architecting by a consultant who handles many clients. I was so excited to write profiles. Precisely for the reason that it gives me an opportunity to learn about a person, an organization – its successes, its travails, its aha moments etc.

At the prospect of writing a profile of an architect I was much more curious to listen to those architects who can tell us many things about their design. How ideas come to them or how they handled a difficult client with a different taste and so on.

In general, all profile writing inspires me. In fact, writing an ad, ad campaign or anything about the company inspires me. For one simple reason: the product, the story behind it inspires us and an eclectic trough of ideas strike us to write or design about.

Thus let our mind go crazy with creativity!

But… to my utter shock and surprise my meeting with the architect went bland. The person doesn’t speak up. Howmuchever I tried to make him talk went in vain. But, he doesn’t seem to take whatever we say about him in the profile with our understanding of the company either.

Maybe, they have to understand what a profile is all about before actually going for one. It’s the responsibility of we copywriters and writers to put it succinctly what is going to come in this brief and yet gripping piece called PROFILE.

Just for understanding what goes into a profile and what should as a writer reflect through the piece of writing.

Profile is a Mini- Biography

Profile should be a sort of a mini-autobiography of the company. This small piece of information should throw light on how the company was started and who are the management and what is the premise of the company’s operations and its vision and mission etc.

It makes sense to infuse a bit of drama

Writing a conventional profile with a drab description has lasted its course. People will repel at such attempts. It goes down the drain with no appreciation.

Start it off with an interesting anecdote and build a story around it: how and when and where the company has started and by whom.

Give an inside story of it

There are several things to say about the formation of a company. First and foremost the idea of forming it: when actually it struck him or her to form the company; How each thing has fallen in place?

Talk about your employees and associates

How each employee was selected? How did the interview go? What made him to select him or her in the first place? Once one employer told me that he selected me over a 20 plus candidates! I was so flattered to be selected over 20 copywriters.

How you got your first client

It’s but interesting to know how got everything started off. You may feel it’s not anyone’s business to know how and when you got your first client. But it matters to know in order to appreciate your work.

What are your key strengths and why

The key strengths should be spelt out clearly in order to make sure to your existing clients to come back to you. Let them know that they work with a best team.

What are your plans for future and so on.

We appreciates someone who looks far ahead of the present. Even your clients look to avoid the pain of selecting each time a different partner or vendor to source services. They want you to be there fitter and intelligent.

Try being YOURSELF.

Don’t try to be someone else while writing the profile. There should be a plain speak and talking from your heart. This is to build the trust and to be genuine in the minds of the readers.

Kindly share your thoughts about how a Profile can be made interesting and what are your thoughts on that!

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