Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dance in the Rain

Dance in the rain

There was a client who runs a power management company whose target audience are smaller and medium companies, with over 5 -8 years of standing. He wanted a brochure to be written and designed for corporate companies - read the big companies – like tech-parks, large MNCs. He wants to pitch for them.

It was a big challenge how to place (position) him (the company). What to say in the corporate brochure whose readers are CEOs and decision makers and, who always are hungry for big brands and bigger records?

Perhaps, many start-up companies face this dilemma…initially. What to say in their communication: Should they say that they are the best or, should they ask them to give an opportunity ( to check them out)? How do they position themselves - is a big question for copywriters and servicing folks who work on their communication.

I know that any communication, in this case a corporate brochure, would keep them in good stead, if they talk their heart out. It may not guarantee an immediate approval for big projects, but sure can touch the reader – the CEOs and, would earn a place in their hearts. Sometime later, when the right opportunity comes( when they want to give chance to a new comer) this company would sure run a chance.

It takes tremendous amount of time and effort t to make any business reach a position. No start-up attains its fullest potential immediately. But, being small, or being a rookie, doesn’t mean that these companies are nothing and, can be sidelined or ignored till the time they raise to their fullest potential. That is not true. We need to break this myth.

In fact, we need to understand that the smaller and leaner start-ups would thrive with ideas and innovative fire, that will change the course of things. If you look at the recent history in the business landscape, smaller companies with big dreams are just clever enough to have had bigger breaks.

Ok…this applies also to my newly formed Insideout Advertising agency also. I’m in general reflecting on the strengths and mindsets of the smaller organizations. The smaller companies needn’t sit back and wait for their destined time to become confident about themselves.

They need to spell out who they are in their communications. Be it in their logo, websites, brochures, profiles, ad-campaigns, and most importantly their presentations. The communication needs to be harping on the passion the smaller start- ups bring to the fore.

Their unique and path breaking ideas can change the myths of the current existing patterns and modes. They come with new ideas because they believe in them. And more importantly, they haven’t have a track-record to live up to. This makes them more innovative and enterprising in their ideas.

So, don’t hesitate to speak about your dreams and vision ... you are already something - an expert waiting on the wings. Let your branding and communication be bold and thought-provoking. Don’t hold yourself back. Go forward. And speak your heart out. Boldness is infectious. You make a better world.

So…don’t wait to rain to stop …rather….Dance in the Rain!

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