Friday, January 16, 2009

A jolly treat to the low spirit

– Happy New Year!
The New Year 2009 shouldn’t appear any different like all the years passed by, if we didn’t really notice it and took time to ponder what is in it for me and how should it matter to my day to day living. Maybe we (all the mortals like me) are so afraid that being organized calls for greater sacrifices or the seemingly impossible trying circumstances and the feelings that hold us back. So, why try and add another one to the exhaustive list.

I’s and is an unorganized person, all my life. Howmuchever I try to fix it up I couldn’t and there’re n number of excuses to throw at for not doing this or that. And the impossible way out in the vicinity (perceived) made me an eternal procrastinator and eventually an under-achiever, given my talents.

As I’m reading through several blogs of newbies who’ve seen tremendous success in the past year and heard many a testimonials achieving the targets and goals they had committed to, in much debilitating circumstances than I was in, goaded me to try it out. After all, I felt there is nothing wrong trying an instinct and find out, like all leaders do.

How should I do it? How should I start shaking off this lethargy and this feeling of gloom of not reaching anywhere in copywriting – the dream of working with big ad agencies is not happening, as I realized it needs more than sheer talent to survive in the big mysterious world of advertising? And the depression that pains a lot? Read it as another excuse!

At last, I felt I must put an end to this mess and start taking up the opportunities that come along. When we take first few steps help would come from heaven through a Samaritan. I felt it is time to rekindle my confidence and energies and look positively at things. Thanks to some kind words from a friend
–Vivienne Queck who said… “you can be a good copywriter and I want to make you a copywriter-blogger if you so choose”. These words came as a blessing in the New Year. And those words made me write this post in my blog which was languishing since Sept last year. I felt if, only if, I realize what great things happened in my life in the past year despite my low efforts and plain laziness…

Here I count my blessings
If at all we care to count our blessings which we received through family and friends and from others, this sense of time and the beauty of life will dawn on us.

Yes, in order to appreciate the year we entered we need to recall the wonderful things we received, and we never cared how precious they were, and how important they’re to us, last year. And again, how awful our lives could be without them!

For this to happen a questionnaire does help us. My good frined Vivienne Queck,, who has been a source of strength for me morally. At First, when I read her post I thought who would go through and who has time to answer these lengthy questions.

Now, as I wanted to write this post and want to commit myself to some planning through this to my friends, I realized how important they’re to have a proper perspective to understand the value of time and life.

It is immensely useful, and I recommend this questionnaire to give it a ten minute thought. Possibly be kept in front of us to see them each day and record some of the life’s feelings and observations so that we can have a different perspective about life each day.

Answering the first question: What was the biggest triumph in 2008, hmm…as I remember it is the realization of the blogosphere’s existence and its immense benefits.

Vivienne Queck opened my eyes to the great world of blogosphere; and in return I came to know and read about such great people who immensely impacted my career: to be specific, to hone my skills in writing and how to write better by carefully reading their blogs.

I thank all the people who painstakingly write great posts (which I think humanly impossible to my imagination unless driven by a strong force – The Almighty) each day and make our lives much more meaningful and happy!

The greatest gift I received is the Bible from another great author –Kristen King of which we keep it close to our heart. Not very often we receive gifts from people from abroad!

Besides the greatest gift I received from a stark stranger Mr. Bokjae who blogs at designing this blog for me with love. He still looks after it at an elderly age with a wife who is a heart stroke survivor. He is so nice and so helpful and I need to be like him in my life. Now I proudly own a blog and get to know all of you!

And the most important thing is the love of my wife and son who are constant source of help for me, and the gift I received from my wife – the laptop which I like very much and it works so well.

I want thank Mr. George Lenard, USA, who gave me a small overseas job to be written and paid me dollars for the first time in my life. Thanks George!

Last but no the least I want to thank the Almighty who’s protected me, my family and every dear one from all dangers and kept me alive and without whom I would’ve perished long ago.

I want to thank those who hurt me not intentionally (hope there’ll be many more this year!), though; without whose dressing I wouldn’t have had the courage to take some very hard but decisive decisions in my life.

Living to the full

Often I grumbled away so much time with petty matters. I fretted so much about certain things that’re not happening as I wished. I should’ve had taken the alternative step rather than being depressed and waste away precious time.

I blissfully squandered so much time talking ill of my colleagues who was indifferent to me without realizing he/she would be normal if I kept quiet at that time without thinking deep into the incident.

Now I want to smile no matter what the problem I face. I want to be a different person altogether rubbishing all the bad vibes of others as just a passing phenomenon and will be different if I buy some time by smiling at them.

I want to wake up and thank God for keeping me alive. Plan my day in advance to make the most of it. I wish to read Bible a lot and take strength from it more often.

I wish to write regularly sharing my thoughts here: about my life, my calling and about every beautiful aspect of life and blessings I receive each day.

Thanks to the great authors, writers who own phenomenal blogs whose inspiration is monumental to my writing and my intellectual wellbeing every day.

I wish to make lots of money through freelancing and make sincere efforts to achieve this goal to be rich by the end of the year.

How do you want to spend the year ahead? What are your goals and ambitions? Pls. check the questionnaire in for your inspiration and share your dreams!


Vivienne said...

Thank you for your kind words. There is no border in blogosphere. It's always great to make friends where distance is not an issue.

I look forward to your new posts.

Solomon said...

Blogoshere is a wonderful world to interact with anyone. Learning became lot more easier; knowledge becomes omnipresent.