Saturday, January 31, 2009

Strong will & relentless struggle…melts even GOD

We can’t measure the power of our will which has roots in our belief of God. Call him a superpower, or someone who rewards our sincere karma (work), if you please. Often help comes at the least expected time: towards the most exhaustive moment of a situation of our life. It’s really, really tough to believe that help comes at all. But it will; if we believe sooner or later.

I was disillusioned with my earlier job and quit it with the hope that I would make it big in big private schools in the cities. But to my utter surprise I was slowly but steadily drawn into writing through various events that were a kind of surprise to me even today. Here is how…

After groping for a while, I remembered what the university reader I met on the train suggested. I tried to get into Medical Transcription unsuccessfully; but somehow luckily got into a publication. I met a copywriter who had an NGO (Aids rehabilitation) whom I was interviewing in the magazine, he told me to try out in advertising. I sincerely tried without any mentor in my entire career. Thus my dream of becoming a copywriter is at last fulfilled.

In the Secret Door to success there is a quote from Exodus 5:18 in the second chapter:
"There shall no straw be given you, yet ye shall make bricks without straw."
The people of Israel were under great oppression under the cruel taskmaster, ruler of Egypt. When Moses and Aaron requested pharaoh to release the children of God, he even made their life much harsher by asking them to make bricks without providing them straw.

Under those trying circumstances the people were horrified with this new rule and prayed to God, and God the father assured them that they make bricks even without the supply of straw (HE will wait and watch if they face the situation and work hard, and he would sure supply the straw) and they would survive the hardship.

How is it possible? For God everything is possible. The author puts it that it is actually our thoughts that make them. The fear, doubt, the self criticism of our own and others make us a failure even before we start. So be positive and visualize as if it’s happening, for sure.

Here the author narrates few real life instances where it was proved beyond doubt that belief in oneself and God makes them more confident and eventually wins. The author explains about how Clara, Lettie have witnessed the miracles happen in their lives. Read on… the second chapter of Secret Door to Success

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