Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You can loosen a bit. And come off as a friendly bloke: Your BRAND.

Say something funny in your Ads. Light hearted banter is good. Sometimes, though.

Hope I haven’t ruffled some feathers over there – by saying loosen up’. What I mean is, we can be little off beat with our communication – in our advertising.

Taking time off. And try and connect with the readers. Through some humorous and gentle banter in your ads and hoardings. Like taking a dig at some social myth and things like that.

Making Life much more vibrant and lively.

Instead of always bombarding your reader with messges: Buy this, buy that.

There are many who do not subscribe to this thought. There are many who think we need to say what we need to say in a decent way.

Yes, we shouldn’t waste our clients’ hard earned money. But occasionally, there is nothing wrong by being little off beat and lowering our guard. And be human J!

Let’s say, you can take a quip at some social issue. Reminded of social issues, every company needs to release some campaigns on eradication of social issues: CSR, that is.

Let’s say what we feel about the lack of traffic sense and of not following a queue. Such other things. The bigger brands do it. Even smaller and upcoming brands too can have a few ads dedicated to some social issues. Difficult proposition, though - but, worthwhilie :).

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