Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There is God in the details – in the Brief.

Many companies want some piece of communication- say a brochure, a website or a campaign on their products/services. If we ask them, what is the brief: They would inevitably say…It is like those typical product or service like such and such brand. And cite their competitors’

One agency folk wanted me to write a good baseline for a real estate company who’re revamping their brand with a New Name & Logo…and he says, “It’s like ANY other real estate company – so write on those lines”.

What happens with this kind of work is: We lack focus.

Since the copywriter hasn’t heard verbally what you want, and having no faith if you would accept what the writer suggests, he or she would go on the back foot. The communication gets diluted by eliminating certain thoughts since the doubts in the mind of the writer wouldn’t let them come out.

It IS always good to sit down and jot the things you offer. Or dictate to your secretary and, let them type it up what you had to say. Those WORDS what you voiced would be worth in GOLD.

Those few words would trigger some emotions in the writer, which would prompt him or her to come with some thoughts.

If it’s left to the copywriter he/she would place you somewhere with a positioning based on your product features.

The copywriter with the help of the brief could unearth something worthwhile through some research. And, comes out with the thought and the concept.

If you go to a Saloon and ask the person to give you a hair-cut, he would inevitably ask you, if it should be medium, short or long.

Or, if you go to a high-end designer expert he might ask you several questions on the type of look you wanted and finally decides something for you. It's no different with a copywriter :).

So, take time to write down the brief. Even it can be two words. Or even those words can be very similar to all the words that are used by your competitors, but you need to SAY them in your own words.

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