Thursday, July 14, 2011

How do you know a Copywriter is worth the SALT?

It is a much talked about and a vexed question these days. I’m grappling with the indifference shown to copywriters who unfortunately hadn’t set foot in the doors of big agencies. Nor, those who never have had an opportunity to work with highly passionate art directors- building eye-pleasing and glitzy portfolio.

I, myself, had the bitter experience of being taken lightly by some agency folks. Years back in one big agency he resorted to even bad mouth small agencies that they spoil the name of advertising. His understanding is that only BIG agencies know what is advertising and how advertising is to be done.

I don’t deny him. Nor, agree with him completely. Everyone has a place in the big and wide world. We all have to start somewhere to reach the pinnacle. We all have to work our way up. Salutations to those who are born prodigies!!

That is what the small agencies, small-time copywriters and artists from small and medium agencies are doing. Don’t denigrate them. For we have no right to deride someone for what he was NOT given ample opportunity for. Agree?

Often, these folks work with NO BRIEFS and clients who HARDLY understand what true branding IS.

We need to see where he or she can go with the given they could showcase to you. The FIRE in their hearts and LIGHT in their eyes.

Not all are equipped to do that. (Those who have the eyes-visionaries - shut themselves up in Ivory Towers away from the realities).

Do we? If so, why there is so much of scrambling for copywriters FROM the BIG agencies?

Consultants ask for big agency experience…and I told one to tell the big agencies that talent is mostly latent. One should have the EYES to SEE it.

I see only that handful few are changing places. Only those handful few. It’s like playing muisical chairs. As if there is NO talent, any more. Other than those few.

A Portfolio for a Copywriter?

Okay. I agree a Copywriter needs a good Portfolio.

Copy gives LIFE by good Art. Otherwise, it dies a silent death (not exactly death though, but goes inconspicuous). What if the copywriter doesn’t have the great fortune of working with a good art director.

Is the Copywriter worthless??

In that case, I don’t see any depth in the COPY of many good Portfolios, where there is excellent execution of art and, no suitably meaningful or thoughtful COPY. That CAN really touch the reader.

So, the point I’m driving here is: Copywriter’s worth should be in the THOUGHT generated. In the way, he or she SPINS the THOUGHT with those simple words.

A thought is given beauty by the choice of words. The force and energy, the words trigger in.

Is someone listening… if so… pls…give them their DUE.

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