Thursday, July 7, 2011

Corporate Branding - shouldn’t be this boring!

It’s sickening each time when a Corporate Branding Campaign is being done, brand managers and clients will only harp on those few worn-out and lifeless words: quality, innovation, transparency etc. (sorry, to start off on a such negative note!)

I came across several instances of this kind. I finally resigned my fight. And did the inevitable.

That’s fine with me- we can use them sparingly. Or, if you can believe in your guts, you can simply ignore those words. Not everyone has the guts, you see :).

I request you to sit back and think: How many times are we reading or listening those three or four damn words (quality, innovation, value-addition etc etc). Do we really believe in them? Let’s ask this question: Do they bring in us (readers) any emotion? I bet our answers would be – Not really.

Know the reason? They are over-used. Became a STAPLE DIET of CB.

So why should we, time and again, boil down to those words.

Clients do insist them to be used – but we should use them sparingly and try to say something in a different tangent which creates an EMOTION in the reader’s mind that we’re speaking the TRUTH.

We use them because we THINK that is the ONLY way we CAN say.

Tell a STORY.

And we (the brand) can be believed.

There you go – the BRAND has made its day. One person acknowledges with his heart and mind that we speak the TRUTH. One person who’s fully convinced will spread the good about us. BINGO!

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